The Walled City

                                 Photographed by Yuri Tsumura

Yuri Tsumura Photography is composed of a girl, her camera and photoshop.


Yuri, the said girl in the previous sentence, spends much of her time flipping between readings in order to earn her degree Art Studies (History &Theory) in University of the Philippines Diliman and lots & lots of photos. She likes history, dance, art and legit researches about Chinese women. Her current photography philosophy can be boiled down to three C’s, namely clean, color, and composition. She specialises in mostly outdoor shoots of almost any weather, vibrant colors and the ocassional experimental “film” colouring at CS6. Happy debutants and models aside, she believes that her crowning achievement is when her friends voluntarily use her pictures as their profile photos on Facebook (with proper credit).


Photo taken at Intramuros, Manila
Photo taken at Intramuros, Manila”Within the walls”

If you are interested in modelling or just collaborating with her in general, you may shoot her an email at or preferably just private message her at her facebook page:


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