Pico De Loro 

Who wouldn’t want to go to this place the second time around? Who wouldn’t love the view of nature and the morning breeze at Batangas? I had fallen not only once, but twice.   
I felt the serenity and calmness of the place away from the busy streets of Manila. With the vicinity quite far from the entrance gates, we also felt how safe and welcome we are. I had been always searching for the right and perfect place, and I guess, this one’s for me!

The lobby

From the lobby, you can feel how cozy it is, with a view of the lagoon and amazing architectural designs of the condominiums. We stayed at Pico Sands Hotel for an overnight stay with their bountiful breakfast.  

This view is from the lobby of Pico Sands Hotel.
Pico Bar
I can say that this one’ also amazing, their Pico Bar. It is where they offer their refreshing drinks upon your arrival and during your stay for a hot weather. I love to order the Cantaloupe and Mango fresh fruit shakes.  

This is the veranda of the overlooking view by the lagoon. We consume up our breakfast and we have our drinks here. It seemed like to be a coffee shop, yes, just think of how relaxing this place is! You would love and enjoy every single corner of Pico De Loro.
  Look how the condominiums were built! They perfectly fit the environment and weather here in our country. 

Here it is! My favorite food had always been Pasta. For lunch, I ordered for  El Funghi with garlic bread, it is pasta Alfredo with a lot of mushrooms. We had also ordered Vegetable Pizza and Lemon Chicken as well. These are just some of the favorites that I would love to order whenever I go back here soon. 

Feeling the heat of the sun? Have a dip in their large pool. Yes, really huge size swimming pool secured by 3 lifeguards. Imagine how big it is! It is an infinity pool, with relaxing areas to sit and sunbathe while your dipped in the pool. Yes, they have relaxing Yantok furnitures where you can really sit back, and relax while enjoying the picturesque view of the lagoon. 


Hope you enjoyed my adventure at Pico de Loro. Please come and visit this place and make your stay memorable! Til our next adventure! 😊



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