Eggs, Pancakes, and A Cup of Coffee…

 In our Filipino culture, we would not miss a day without having breakfast. It is in our tradition that we consider it to be the “most important meal of the day” in which I considered a fact. May it be a cup of coffee and a piece of bread, pancakes or waffles and chocolate drink, or Filipino style breakfast like fried rice, and egg. 

It is the 5th of September when we went to Tagaytay to eat Breakfast At Antonio’s. We left the house early to catch the sunrise in that place. When we arrived, I never imagined that place to be so fascinating that I loved their unique and antique style of furnitures. The monochromatic theme of the place made it so dramatic and romantic. I guess if we are just used in considering romantic dates during dinner, well I guess, this is a romantic place for breakfast!


I can say that they can serve the very best of a morning menu. From freshly baked breads, and pastries, jams, and yogurts and well as freshly prepared meats, you would not lose an option. It is like you wanna taste every little bite of their food choices. I commend them for their wonderful and attractive presentation. Of course, I would not forget the mouth-watery taste of my favorites! ♥️

Please visit them at Antonio’s Breakfast Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Tagaytay, Cavite




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