Cafe lovin’

I had started to love drinking coffee so much (as in everyday) which is eventually becoming my daily routine right now. It really became my partner during the present time that I have to keep myself up awake from night up until morning. Whether you believe it or not, I am a Coffee hater! And its surprisingly odd for me to love it so much that I can’t even begin my day without taking a cup of coffee (quite addicting though). And because of that, to spice up things, I am planning to share my coffee addiction with you! I am giving away a Starbucks tumbler of my most favorite classic design. You just have to follow the few simple steps which mechanics could be found by simply checking my blog at  
I just wanna share it with you; I have personally chosen this unique design coz it is really sleek and classic. It wouldn’t get out of style at any moment right now, absolutely no! Well, If you already had one, this will add up to your collection and If you have always wanted a new one, then I’m sure that you gotta love your new coffee buddy! And also one more thing that I will never fail to remind you is that, since November is fast approaching, I definitely know that you will be collecting stickers this upcoming month for your Starbucks planner and who wouldn’t want a new tumbler! So just follow the easy steps below:
I’m giving this tumbler by following this simple mechanics:

1. Post a creative photo of you having your favorite coffee at Starbucks on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #CoffeeAddiction
 2. Follow my personal accounts on Instagram and Twitter, as well as subscribe to my blog via email.

 Instagram: joanne_marasigan


Twitter: @MarasiganJoanne


 3. Message your full name and contact number to me on my facebook messenger account. 

4. Share this photo on your social media accounts: Facebook or Twitter and Tag 5 of your friends on Instagram.

5. A winner will be declared by the Second week of November. I will be picking a winner based on your creativity and the uniqueness of your caption. 

So what are you waiting for! This Starbucks tumbler awaits you! ❤️




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