Winter Layers

IMG_1814 (2)When the weather outside gets frosty, we might forego style and just bundle up in our most comfy and coziest winter jackets and sweaters we own to stay warm. I love a chunky, thick, warm knit as much as I want to stay stuck at home during those snowy days. But when you have planned for a day or night out with your friends downtown, I’m certain that you never wanted to look bulky or sloppy. Season of layers would not mean to disregard your fashion sense and style hence it would be a challenge for you to look great even in your winter wear.

IMG_1958 (2)IMG_1964 (2)IMG_1957 (2)

IMG_1873 (2)

So basically, I came up with some efficient layering tips that will guarantee that you don’t sacrifice style for warmth. (Of course, it can be pulled off!) With these outfits, you’ll surely be toasty warm-while having that sleek look.

It was the 4th of January 2016 when we went to Mount Charleston Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a great time with my family and friends who had been with me during that trip. Snow covered the whole place while the sun shines brightly and I guess it would be the perfect time for me to capture wonderful photos. On that day I decided to wear this pieces that I have meticulously selected. As much as possible, I would use the strategy which is layering from the THINNEST TO THICKEST. The secret to avoid looking over-layered is selecting the right kind of clothes and layering them in the right order. You should always remember that you’ll be starting with the tight-fitting thinnest layers as your base, and work up to something thicker as your last layer or two. You must also learn how to balance your proportions. If your outerwear is voluminous, keep your bottom half sleek by either showing the silhouette of your legs in a fitted pants or leggings or make sure to show off some skin in a short skirt.

IMG_1834 (2)IMG_1922 (2)IMG_1827 (2)

IMG_1876 (2)IMG_1822 (2)

I would also suggest that you would invest for clothes that comes with a heat technology which had been officially used and proven by mostly.

So, these are the pieces I am wearing:

  1. Heat Tech Dark blue long sleeves from Uni Qlo

  2. Fitted black long sleeves from F21

  3. Fitted turtle neck gray dress from Zara

  4. Black skirt from Topshop

  5. Heat tech black leggings from Uni Qlo

  6. Low cut black boots from Aeropostale

  7. Pair of black leather gloves from H&M

  8. Black trench coat with gold zippers from H&M

IMG_1937 (2)IMG_1935 (2)IMG_1819 (2)IMG_1862 (2)

IMG_2007 (2)IMG_1868 (3)IMG_1875 (2)IMG_2073 (2)IMG_1830 (2)IMG_2071 (2)IMG_2008 (2)IMG_1956 (2)IMG_1870 (2)IMG_1836 (2)IMG_1830 (2)IMG_2009 (2)IMG_2066 (2)

So basically, I’m wearing 8 winter wear essentials. Sometimes, you just have to be experimental and you must try layering the unexpected. Creating new combinations from your seasonal weather staples will still look on point! Just choose pieces that are slim-fitting both in material and silhouette. To sum it up, you just got to remember 3 winter voguish tips:




IMG_1953 (2)IMG_1853 (2)IMG_1866 (2)

IMG_1938 (2)IMG_1919 (2)IMG_1862 (2)

IMG_1776 (2)IMG_1791 (2)IMG_1775 (2)

My Perspective of Mount Charleston Peak

So I guess, it’s the perfect time to pull off your most stylish winter outfit without looking bulky. I would always be glad to share tips with you!

#stylethoughts ❤




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  1. Awesome write up! Photos are just as amazing too!!


    1. Thank you for being so appreciative! 😊


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