Milky Moustache 

There’s something about milkshake that makes you revert back to your younger self. Maybe because your mom dubbed it as a special treat; maybe due to the fact that you always have it at a diner or simply because it had became your comfort food. There are plenty of fantastic milkshakes around Manila, but we found this souped-up versions that seem to bring the inner child in everyone.  

Off-white walls and mirrors
The much-loved milkshake has recently undergone a rather rock ‘n’ roll and often boozy make over. Instagram-able milkshake is nearly everywhere to be found. Milkshakes mixed with cookies, brownies, chocolates, pretzels and topped with whipped cream and marshmallows are definitely more of a sweet surprise than ever! Could you take it on?
The Cop Nutella Milkshake
 If you are a fan of good-tasting milkshake ( quite frankly, who isn’t?), the good news is that you do not have to travel across the globe for one! 
My friend Joan Maniago and I, together with Niel Pasco, a photographer, had dropped by Milky Moustache to have ourselves a treat after the tiring shoot day. And by seeing their fancy interior design and themed collection pieces, including solid-colored cushioned sofa, and high fashion magazines, I would not ought to let it pass without taking photos of it. More of that, I fell in love looking at their milkshake choices which really caught my attention and tempted me to grab and try variety of drink choices. To sum it up, our day ended like this!

Till our next milkshake discovery! 
#foodthoughts ❤️



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  1. I would love to try this place out some time!


    1. I hope you can visit the Philippines soon! 😊😊😊


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