A Valentine’s Day Special: Pure Love and Happiness


Some hate it, and for some it is just another day on the calendar. But a good number love February 14 is what the day is all about.

Valentine’s Day is named in honour of Saint Valentine, the patron saint of lovers who, it is believed, was murdered on Feb. 14 AD 270. During that time, the Roman emperor Claudius II cancelled all marriages and engagements in Rome, as he was having a hard time getting men to join the military, and he believed married men, being emotionally attached to their wives and families, did not make good soldiers.

However, Valentine secretly married couples until he was caught, then, refusing to renounce his Christian beliefs, was sentenced to be beaten to death with clubs and have his head cut off.

One legend suggests he left a farewell note for the jailer’s daughter before his death which said “Love from your Valentine,” the first Valentine’s card.

It was the pope who set aside Feb. 14 to honour St. Valentine in AD 496. However, the day was not often celebrated until the Middle Ages. Gift giving and exchanging of hand-made cards became common in England around the 18th century, while in the 1840s the holiday caught on in the United States.

Source: Valentine’s Day History


Love month is just around the corner and with it, there are annual demands that we lavish love in our family and friends in sweet numerous ways. School aged kids will pass out Valentines Cards and letters, couples will scramble for dinner reservations, while some would book for weekend staycations. We are no Valentine grouches, we always see to it that we show them, our special someone that we care! But all that pressure on one day of that year can obscure the truth that LOVE is something that we can show through our actions every single day. It doesn’t take cards, flowers, hearts or candy; real love is often just about showing that you care every single day and moment if your life.

In this post, I wanna share with you how I value my love for family. Amazing things can happen when a family get along and do things together. Bondings can really make your connections stronger. As a family, we make sure that we share meals together which not only promote better eating habits but also it’s our perfect time to discuss how challenging and tiring the day had been to each one of us. A great way of having fun while bonding with your family is to create a Family Bonding Time where you set and schedule a board game night, watching a movie together or an evening out at a restaurant. My parents always incorporate us in the planning process, and our opinions and suggestions are being acknowledged when it comes to family trips. It makes us feel like we are an integral part of the family. We also get ourselves involve in family activities and extracurricular activities in school. It’s a way of showing our support to a family member. It would also help to build confidence as well as strengthen our bond when we praise each other on our participation and achievements. We create our moments together and make it meaningful. There is nothing better than having a place you can call home, where you feel loved, appreciated and safe. It is important that we do these family bonds to ensure a happier and healthier family.

How about you, what are your realizations and thoughts this Valentine’s day?


Let me show you the people who had been so meaningful to me.


Alimagno Mac Family (Aimiel, Tito Boyet, Yanna, Tita Ana) and my family

From right to left: Tito Jesse Alimagno, Aimiel, Angelo Alimagno, Yanna, Tita Lia, Tita Ana, Tita Sally Alimagno, Diego Alimagno, TIto Joe Alimagno, Tito Boyet
Tita Claribel Arcega with her family

Tito Charlie, Tita Ana, Tita Lia, My dad, Yours truly, Tito Felipe

Thank you for reading!

With so much love,



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