Craving for something sweet?

Happy First Anniversary!
And yes, you read it right as I greet Sweet Chay’s Pastries for making it to a year now. 

I am more than blessed to have this pastries shop as one of Lift Off Lifestyle’s first food collaboration. In lieu with that, the excitement of creating a blogpost about it is so overwhelming that I really can’t wait to share with you about this growing business and my first meeting with the lovely owner and founder, Ms. Sweet Chay. The most unique about this post is that, Ms. Chay, as sweet as her name, is so thoughtful to let us know about the love story of her own business. 

“Hi, I’m Sweet Chay

 I was a flight attendant for four years with Philippine Airlines and six years with emirates. I lived in Dubai for six years then my partner and I lived in Tokyo for almost three years. With all my travels, I was inspired with all the beautiful café’s starting from Asia to middle east up to European destinations.

Being in a relationship with a businessman, I needed to stay home and be a housewife. That’s the time I found out I was really good in cooking, I would prepare different menus every night; Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Italian, Filipino, and Chinese. I always get excited to prepare food for my family.

 Then, It all started on the 9th of April 2015, when the love of my life for almost ten years finally broke my heart. I thought it was the darkest moment of my life, but actually it was the beginning of something even beautiful and fulfilling. That is when I met Jehovah; I realized that life is just not about going to work, to eat and to sleep… It’s about being grateful each day. All the material things is just a bonus the fact that I am alive and breathing every morning is already a big blessing. I never felt this loved, blessed, contented and calm.

 I prayed hard and asked for guidance to light my path and to direct me where I truly belong. That started the birth of Sweet Chay’s Pastries. I wanted to create desserts that are less sweet that you can really taste the major ingredients like the dark chocolate, apples, banana and the lemon itself. And so that we can all enjoy having desserts with family and friends with less guilt.

I treat every baked goods that I make as if I am going to serve it to my family. I can guarantee that we use the best quality and the right quantity of ingredients. Our baked goods are specially made for you.

 Our main goal is to provide the best possible options for couples or any member of their family have a memorable celebration. Let us be grateful and treat each day a special day.”

Her products were really made and deliciously-baked by hers truly. She is so dedicated with her passion in trying out new ideas when it comes to food until she finally decided to concentrate on her gifted skill on baking. It was indeed a great discovery for me to come across Sweet Chay’s Pastries Instagram account (sweet_chays_pastries), and found the enticing and mouth-watery cupcakes, loaves of bread, smores, chocolate chips and a lot more! You can really visualize how intricate and detailed it had been from icing decorations to bread of choice and the packaging which were really presentable that you can give it as a gift to your loved ones. 

It surprised me a lot to see her baked goods inside the actual box and it’s more than enticing when I’m actually holding the boxes of newly baked goods. It was just created perfectly and I cannot get over it! Who would not like to taste those pastries made with love? 
The prices were really worth the taste of these baked products. I highly recommend you to try out some and surely, you would experience the heavenly taste of these sweet goods. 

For your reference, I humbly asked Ms. Chay to give you the prices which are listed below. 

Our personalized freshly baked Cupcakes are like ART. The designed & flavors always changes depending on the season and what Sweet Chay is feeling and what goes on in her imagination.    Our Edible ART are simply perfect for celebration… We also love doing Customized Cupcake Toppers for Clients to match their theme… Festivals, Holidays, Wedding, Birthdays, Graduations, Baptismal, Debut, Shower Parties & Etc.

    We offer the best edible ART from light & buttery to rich and mouthwatering flavors. We also make special after dinner cupcakes served with alcohol.     All our freshly baked cupcakes are made to order bec we want our clients to enjoy them fresh as possible.

Sweet Chay’s Cupcake Information:

– All our Cupcakes are made from scratch & our Edible Fondant Toppers are made by hand. 

– We DO NOT use preservatives. 

– All our cupcake prices depends on the flavor. It ranges from P55 to P80.

– Our Edible Cupcake Toppers price starts from P25

– Everything is Made to order

– Minimum of 1 Dozen

– you get to choose 3 flavors

– It comes in a HOT PINK BOX

– We require our customers to deposit full payment under Sweet Chay’s Pastries Account thru BPI Family Bank or BDO.

– After the deposit we ask our clients to give us a copy of their deposit slips. Simply to verify and to process their orders.

– All orders should be at least 1 week before the pick-up date, meet-up date & delivery date. 

– Every Monday is the Cut-off day for orders for the next week. (Late deposit & verification will result to late process of their order. 

– Re Refunds: we only do refunds from the day it was deposited till the next morning before lunch time. 

  * 10% will be deducted from the amount. 

1. Classic Vanilla Cupcake w/ Vanilla Buttercream – it comes in 3 lovely colors… Teal, Peach & Yellow. The buttercream color can also be change, depending on the theme celebration. 

P55 /pc 
2. Funfetti Cupcake w/ Vanilla Frosting – the colorful sprinkles made this cupcake more fun & more appetizing. Buttercream color may also me changed to match the theme celebration. 

P57 /pc 
2. Pink Velvet Cupcake w/ Light Cream Cheese Frosting sprinkled w/ mini edible pearls & topped w/ red flower fondant. (Red heart only during Valentine’s Day) P73 /pc 
3. Lemon Meringue Cupcake – light, buttery & lemony.. Topped calamansi curd for additional refreshing taste then frosted w/ marshmallow icing. Perfect for summer. 

P72 /pc 
* Mad About Chocolate

4.  Smores Cupcake w/ buttered graham base & torched marshmallow frosting. Our clients have an option if they want it with Hersheys or not. 

P55 /pc – Classic

P58 /pc – w/ Hersheys 

5. Chocolate Overload Cupcake
– perfect for chocoholics. It has a chocolate cupcake, chocolate frosting then drizzles again with white chocolate. 

P65 /pc 

6. Beehive Cupcake
– the frosting resembles a beehive that is made of marshmallow icing then dipped in a chocolate coating garnished w/ sprinkles. 

P65 /pic
* Special Cupcakes

7. Cappuccino Cupcakes – Sweet Chay’s original creation. it has a chocolate base with a little coffee flavor plus Coffee frosting. Garnished w/ sprinkles on the side & pure dark chocolate swirl in the middle. 

P65 /pc 

8. Mocha Rocky Road Cupcake Surprise –
Sweet Chay’s original creation… She always enjoys goldilocks mocha roll & the rocky road ice cream even when she was still a child thats why she combined the 2 flavors that she always enjoyed and came up with this mouthwatering  dessert.

P75 /pc

Moist Loaves Collection: 

     – Treat yourself with our guilt free loaves which are rich in antioxidant, vitamin c, potassium & protein.

     Size: 8″ x 3″

     Serves: 10

1. Apple Carrot Loaf

     – Our moist Apple Carrot Loaf are made from fresh Fuji apple & fresh local carrots. Our loafs are rich in antitioxidants, helps maintain healthy skin, it also has essential minerals, vitamins & enzymes that aid in digestion. 
      – Classic (plain) 

         whole loaf P320

         per slice P34

      – With walnuts

         whole loaf P370

         per slice P39

2. Moist Banana Loaves

     – Our feel good banana loaf is a good source of Vitamin C & potassium. They are good for your heart, kidneys, blood pressure & asthma.

      – Classic (plain)

         whole loaf P270

         per slice P29

      – w/ walnut 

         whole loaf P300

         per slice P32

      – w/ walnuts & chocolate chips

         whole loaf P310

         per slice P33

      – w/ double chocolate chips

         whole loaf P300

         per slice P32
3. Lemon Loaf w/ Calamansi Glaze Topped w/ Toasted Almonds

      – recharge with our Lemon loaf, light & refreshing.. perfect for afternoon tea. It is also good for your skin & immune system. 

      – whole loaf P480

         per slice P50
Mini Lemon Muffins w/ Calamansi Glaze & Topped with Toasted Almonds

      – Bitesize Lemon goodness

      – 1 Dozen P230

For orders and inquiries you may contact this number: +63 917 587 7279

Please follow them on instagram: sweet_chays_pastries

Thank you for being with me on my Sweet Chay’s Pastries Experience!



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