Stoked in the Limelight

Metro February Issue 2016, a local magazine in the Philippines, was my first-ever experience of having featured carrying the brand Palmolive Naturals. It was really something unforgettable that 5 women across the country, including myself, got the chance to be selected by Palmolive Naturals to endorse one of their best products.

 It was not just an opportunity but an extraordinary experience to converse and deal with the designer whom you really admire for his creations. He was very accommodating and naturally creative with his suggestions. His mind is filled with so much ideas that he connects with his clients and he makes sure that the dress will fit not only your body but also your personality. He’s very intricate in details and pays attention to minimal concerns to absolutely achieve elegance and perfection. I can really claim it that we have the best Little Black Dresses we could have ever imagined. 

Palmolive Naturals was the ultimate reason behind this idea. Their products pamper every beautiful woman to make their good skin come out naturally. With the mildest and skin-friendly black charcoal soap, you will have your skin exfoliated to achieve a beautiful soft skin. I’ve been using their soap products for some time now and results have not failed me. Skin is our most significant asset and I believe that we must know how to take good care of it. We should also remember that good skin do not just come from the outside but from the inside as well. 

I am amazed from the beginning until the magazine was finally released. 

Please click this link for the video:

Palmolive Naturals Video

Special thanks to

Make up Artist : Jim Ryan Ros of Philippine Fashion Week 

Hair Stylist: Raymond
Stylist and Stylist assistants

Creative Photographer and Journalist: Chin Chin Jongko

Venue: Penthouse Studio,Makati
Looking forward for more wonderful experiences!



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