How’d you like to capture the candid moments of your life? 

Nothing would be splendid and fun walking with a camera for the ultimate purpose of taking pictures of things that we may find interesting. There are a couple of reasons why I think it is a great idea. With the appreciation of nature, my sense of creativity is boosted by movement and exposure to changing scenery. It is rare that we capture the beauty of what we actually see in our naked eyes. When I explore on my own, I see my surroundings from a unique perspective. When I explore with a group, I enjoy viewing things from their perspective. I am challenged to learn more about the most natural way I can capture my photos and the way I react to changing situations. At the end of every photo walk journey, there would always be wonderful things that you can discover. 

These photos were taken at a neighbourhood in Los Angeles, California. It was our last day of our stay in LA and it was an eventful one for me. With the pleasant weather and naturally exquisite beauty of nature, I thought of having my photos taken on a sunny afternoon. Whenever I travel, I won’t miss a single day without having the shots of “living at the moment”. Those are shots taken naturally without being prepared and without any manipulation from the actual scene. Just a click on the shutter button and that’s it! It is a form of my self-expression and art of showing refinement of one’s individuality. 

The great thing about enjoying a photo walk is that it doesn’t have to be a formal, structured occasion. You can work on your own pace by taking pleasure in every obliquity, edge, twist you can probably see along the way. You can wander streets you’re deeply familiar with, or explore an area that is brand new to you. The whole point is to get you out there, exploring your surroundings, exercising your creativity and taking pictures.

Cheers to your future enjoyable photo walks and make sure to capture great shots of your life! Be Natural and have that freedom. 😊



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