Our New Leaders Deserve Prayers and Support #Halalan2016

My personal thoughts this Election 2016.

Photo from eugene-tordercilla.blogspot.com

As the sun rises on a new day, it greets our beloved country. A country in which the majority voted and leaders were elected to serve us the best that they can out of disconsolate tailspin that most of us believe is inevitable. As the final ballot was counted, electoral votes were doled out, and our candidates were not chosen, what does this mean? According to some, “There goes Philippines. I’m moving to another country!” one of those statements we probably heard immediately after the results were told. The bitterness and hatred were propagated long before the first ballot was cast. As for all the nonsense spread about our unofficially elected leaders through various forms of mass communication, I believe only that which I research for myself. With the vast amount of information available today and the fact that anyone can easily access it, we are not excused for blind belief of ranting and gossips except for the keenness to believe it. If in any instance, stories will be proven to be true, then I am happy knowing the fact that our leaders were not elected as Gods. The Lord is still in control, and it gives me hope. I refused to participate in the pessimistic and despairing attitude that has seemed to infest most of us people in the community. The founding members of our government looked upon Him for guidance and built a nation where no one has the power at any time to radically revise policies or dictate our way of lives without those changes having verified by the other government branches. There can be no passengers in a democratic country. We all must exert efforts needed to support and sustain our nation. Welcome to a new country with our new set of leaders. They will all need our prayers and support we as a nation can give, not our disdain and gossips. Our chosen candidates may not have won but I hope that we will, on the other hand, support and pray for the elected leaders, the people, and our country.
I am concerned and involved. We want change.

– Joanne Marasigan


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