The Jumpsuit’s Little Sister



Romper is a massive trend for the previous year or two. What I love about this trend is that although at first look it might seem very niche like, it’s pretty versatile. Like a short dress basically, which it actually looks like. It’s all about the cuts, styles, designs, colors, patterns, fabrics, length which have varieties of short, way above the knee. All these will make some rompers great for a lunch out, music festivals, for the beach, others for going out in the evening, and for casual weekends. It will always depend on the romper and the shoes.

I am wearing a white long sleeve romper (I’m seriously obsessed with white ‘cause it looks elegant and sophisticated), paired with my white Parisian lace-up heels to complement the simplicity of my romper. I also carry a white Michael Kors bag with a gold badge just having the perfect size for my height (not carrying the right size of bag for you will make you look smaller), and a personalised signature necklace to accentuate the V-neck romper. You can also wear statement accessories but make sure not to over decorate yourself.

With this look, you can also wear a flat ballet sandals, or a gladiator sandals matching the perfect colour of your romper. A sling bag, body bag, or clutch bag will do, take your pick depending on your activity for that certain time or day. And most importantly, it is not just about the how the way you look, but make sure to consider being comfortable.

How about you, what are your thoughts about rompers? You can share it with me. Just drop a comment below. Thank you!




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