Dainty in Black

blog photo

Forever 21 jumpsuit | Sandoz wrist watch
Mango white lonsgleeves | Signature name necklace
Parisian nude cage heels


The rise of casual wear gave us some sweet relief from fitted dresses, pencil skirts, and formal long sleeves. Laid back style doesn’t really mean wearing sweatpants out of the house because you just don’t care. It is more of having a classy and sleek look in your wardrobe that you can wear any day of the week. It could be something you wear to run errands on a weekend, it could be what you wear visiting a new restaurant in town, or it could be more of a corporate casual attire that you can wear on a laid back Friday and beyond. In this look I wore black jumpsuit, a loose garment with an embroidered detail print in front (which can also be a stylish beach attire I guess). The pattern on the dress and the dark fabric suits perfectly with the weather. I went with a pair of my nude Parisian cage heels, to pull off a more sophisticated look.

What can you say about this look? Just comment your opinions below or message me at joannemarasigan29@gmail.com. Thank you readers!




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