Who’s behind the surprise send-off party for Miss Universe-Philippines Maxine Medina?

img_3745img_3750Our representative for the most awaited 65th Miss Universe Coronation Night, Miss Universe 2016 Maria Mika Maxine Medina is set to the most awaited battle of beauty, knowledge, elegance, grace, and attitude. And last Tuesday, January.3, 2017, a surprise send-off party welcomed our beauty queen as a fresh way to start her 2017. It was held at Felicidad Mansion, a hidden jewel of architecture in the heart of Quezon City. There were expected guests of around 150, just a perfect number of attendees to fill in the mansion. Media was there to cover the gist of that very special event.

But what’s really remarkable about this send-off party? It is neither a press conference organized by Binibining Pilipinas, nor any other parties organized by the heads of any pageants and competitions. Despite of it serving as a surprise for her, it is exceptional because her very own sister Miss Ferica Medina was the initiator of this simple dinner which turned out to be a grandest one. Couldn’t it be the most heartfelt and endearing way of showing love and support to one’s sister as her No. 1 fan? Her invite was greatly appreciated, because being her college friend for about 4 years, I saw in her how she endeavored to organize a very successful party for her Queen Sister. She personally told me how she wanted to have a special surprise dinner for her; from the venue, guests, and food, including all the sponsors, it was her who came up with this. The people I will be mentioning were few of the many who contributed to this event. Sir Dennis De Vera, Miss Maxine’s supporter flew all the way from Los Angeles, CA, who finally came to see her and support her. Ms. Ferica and Sir De Vera have exchanged emails to discuss the plans. Towards the end of the preparation, Mr. Guggles Reyes, Gel Lopez and Mr. Liam Canlas from Maxxuniverse and Maxinatics, extended their help and assistance too.

The event was mainly for the supporters of Ate Maxine giving them the chance and making it possible for them to have a meet and greet with my sister. It is also for the family and my sister’s friends to have unity and strong support for her. And it was also an intimate party because most of the people invited were really close to her heart…” She said during our personal conversation after the said party.

The sister of the queen prepared it for 2 weeks, take note, it only took her 2 weeks! And it was just so amazing to see how she managed to made it successful despite having the busy schedule of meeting the fans, being with her sister all the while but still coming up with a great surprise. Kudos to the born-to-be beauty queen sisters!

So here are the photos to show you what transpired at the event. Just by looking at how she walked and move on the stage, shows much power on her toned legs, so gorgeous not having an ounce of fat on her body it seems. Best of luck to the upcoming Miss Universe Coronation Night, Miss Maxine Medina. We can’t wait for you to be crowned as the ultimate Queen of the Universe 2017!

Felicidad Mansion, Quezon City




Medina Cousins


Maxine Medina’s Family



Medina cousins
Mr. and Mrs. Medina





Ferica Medina and her father



With Ms. Dianne Medina, TV host and actress
With Mr. Peter Legaspi Perez (Maxine and Ferica’s cousin)
With Mr. Rodjun Cruz, Filipino actor


With Ms. Ferica Medina


Special thanks to the sponsors of the event:

1.) Groove Paint Party Needs Management (balloons)

2.) Star food trip buffet

3.) Jael Lights and sounds

4.) Felicidad mansion events place

5.) J Cupcakes

6.) Medina House of Aesthetics

Special contribution:

Mr. Dennis Calado De Vera

Ms. Ana Perez

Atty. Arc Tolentino

Mrs. Marife Perez Medina (Maxine’s mother)

Get your tickets now to the MISS UNIVERSE® Competition, happening LIVE from the Mall of Asia Arena in The Philippines on January 30th at 8AM PST. 

Image courtesy of 65th Miss Universe/LC group

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