OPPO F1s: Day In The Life


The smartphone that we’ve all been waiting for was finally launched! This is absolutely perfect for the millennial generation highly obsessed with selecting the best smartphone on hand. The Oppo F1S is elegantly designed with full metal unibody that comes in Gold, Rose Gold, and Gray. It is well-crafted and built on a foundation of power which gives stunning clarity emitting 16 million colors, and with a touch screen which features multi-touch, capacitive screen, that can support gloved and wet touch input. It couldn’t be more amazing for having a 13-megapixel rear sensor and 16-megapixel front sensor. As a blogger, I would always want to produce high quality photos to share on my blog and other social media accounts. And with this phone which has a powerful camera that captures more light, taking a photo in the evening will never be a dilemma! It is considered the best all-around camera ever used in an Oppo. It shines in conditions with less than ideal lighting.

Well, in a typical day as a medical student, I want to utilize it capturing photos of amazing things I see as I go on a lecture day or practical exams. I feel the need to record videos just for me to watch and playback the lessons and demonstrations all over again to review for my tests. And being a visual learner, Oppo is just the perfect partner. I have learned that it offers great apps which I can use in organizing my notes and listening to my audio recording lectures. And by the end of the week, I would usually hang out with my friends and family as a reward for having a job well done throughout the busy weekdays in school. Oppo comes back to the scene again. I will never miss a moment, capturing every event in my life with this phone turning every memory into vivid, beautiful shots. There’s so many features in this phone which will make you drawn into it. One simple, light touch lets you open your apps, emails, photos on the go. This is the ultimate Oppo buddy to make your ordinary day extraordinary by capturing great photos and keeping wonderful memories.

What’s my favorite Oppo F1s feature I need for my daily adventure?

    Well, I am certainly amazed by front camera with 1/3.1-inch sensor and an F/2.0 aperture. This allows for more light to enter the camera, and enhances its sensitivity. So you can take natural-looking selfies even in low-light conditions.

Cheers to more beautiful shots with Oppo!

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