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Anilao Discovery Bay Batangas

It may seem like this “after-the-holidays” month of January will keep us from hitting the beach again. But I guess not in the sizzling spell of weather in Asia’s southeast coast! Summer will be here, one day. Or should I say that it is everyday in this tropical country? Well anyways, summer break is coming faster than we think. And in a few short weeks, we’ll be saying Hello to Mr. Sun again. Of course, we’ll be needing a break from school and work to head somewhere sandy and warm, chilling by the beach, sipping our fresh fruit shake, enjoying ice cold soda, chips and pizza. Just by imagining it gives me butterflies in my stomach already. WHAT A TEASE.

Some of you are finding the best deals, booking local and international flights to paradise. Well, all I can say is that nothing’s greater than planning ahead and you need to be prepared. It’s most likely been months since you hung out in the sun all day long, and while the sand and the ocean is definitely preferable over cool indoors, it’s still going to take a little bit of getting used to it. That’s where these hacks come in. I am writing this post to make sure you have the best summer vacation ever by knowing a few little tricks to make the each even more of a paradise than it already is. Hope it helps you big time.

IMG_4156.JPGIMG_4201.JPGIMG_4418.JPGWant to ensure that your next beach trip is a breeze, both literally and figuratively? Then I want to share with you tips and hacks I’ve learned from my past summers. They range from the somewhat obvious to the why-didn’t-I-think-of-that. Use them all, and you’ll have the best beach excursion ever!

1. Don’t get it wet! Don’t get into trouble and waste your vacation by getting your electronic gadgets wet in the beach or in the pool. Hate to take it, but also hate to be without it? Turn to a trusty zip-lock plastic baggie and never worry about it getting soaked or sandy again.

2. Say NO to sunburns. I’m pretty sure you enough by now to bring along sunscreen for your beach vacation, but is it the perfect type for your skin? In general, most experts recommend nothing less than SPF 30. Remember that it’s not enough just to bring it – you have to use it, too.

3. Safekeepers. We’ve all done it – put our keys and money in our shoes. Well, time to look for another hiding place. Hide your stuff somewhere no one will look- such as emptied-out sunscreen bottle.

4. First Aid Kit. It’s easy to get scrapes or cuts at the beach, and there’s nothing worse than not having some kind of first aid with you.

5. Stop being sandy with some baby powder. Most of us if not everyone hates the feeling of not being able to get totally sand-free on the hands, arms, legs and feet. Instead of trying to rub it off or wash it off, simply shake some baby powder onto it. In no time flat, you’ll have silky, sand-free skin with a soft, relaxing aroma.

7. Bring some snacks. Even if you’re going to a beach with a boardwalk, you’ll walk to save some money and bring along healthy snacks.

8. Aloe vera gel is the key. Pure aloe vera gel is awesome for soothing any kind of burns or stings that you might get at the beach. It’s even better when it’s chilled, because it takes away any kind of pain in a few seconds. Try storing your aloe vera in the refrigerator and take it out right before you go to the shore.

9. Get to the beach early in the day. If it’s going to be a beautiful day, it is great heading to the shore earlier rather than later. The sun doesn’t shine as intensely in the morning, either.

10. Make your own beach blanket. If you have an older sheet or blanket, fold over the corners and sew them into pockets. You’ll have plenty of places to store your stuff, and you’ll also have a way to anchor the blanket to the sand.

11. Bring along lots of water. Staying hydrated at the beach is an absolute must, so bring along lots of bottles of water.

12. Remember to take some pictures.Take great pictures! Of course, this is our number one millennials! Capture good photos and make memories.

13. Try not to fall asleep. Napping at the beach can seem like the perfect thing to do, but it can lead to serious sunburn. If you’re going to allow yourself to take a nap, always make sure you’re under an umbrella or in a cabana.

14. Don’t take your camera into the surf. Sound totally obvious? It might be, but more than one person has ruined a camera or smartphone by accidentally getting it wet. Stay far away from any waves when you’re trying to take pics.

15. Bring cheap sunglasses to the beach. Don’t bring your expensive sunglasses to the beach, buy some cheaper versions instead. Cheaper sunglasses should always offer the same amount of UVA and UVB protection, but they’ll be constructed of flimsier materials.

16. Eat a hearty breakfast. Make sure you eat a hearty breakfast the day you go to the beach. It’s easy to lose track of time while you’re enjoying everything the shore has to offer, and that means you can suddenly become dehydrated. So fuel up for fun in the sun!


IMG_4513.JPGIMG_4395.JPG(Photos above are taken from my beach trip in ANILAO DISCOVERY BAY, BATANGAS)

I hope you found these things helpful to you. Can’t wait to hear about your beach adventures!



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  1. I see this as a dream destination, the pictures are amazing, and your dress is so beautiful , great tips and awesome post keep it up


    1. Thanks a lot! Your words are inspiring and it is a fuel for motivation..

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