Brow Party with New Definition Brows

Let’s join the Brow Party!

Lift Off Lifestyle finally welcomes Meitu’s MakeupPlus. Rock a whole new and completely shocking look by having fun with Brow Party, a series of exciting brow filters from Meitu’s MakeupPlus app!

You can transform yourself and surprise your social media friends and followers by expressing the current mood you’re in with your new brow! People might even think you’re rocking this all-new brow in real life.

With Meitu’s MakeupPlus Brow Party, there’s a brow for every mood or situation there is. With MakeupPlus Brow Party’s new brow filters, the possibilities are endless!

There’s the BOLD brow filter for when you learn that your bae’s parents are in town and there’s an emergency need for a makeover.


The app also has the SWOOSH brow filter for when your girl friends back out of a planned night out.


Of course, there’s a FURY brow filter when you see a girl chatting up your boyfriend and you badly want to introduce yourself as THE love of his life.


There’s also the UNI brow filter for those days when you just want to stay at home, read a book, marathon a TV series and post that unibrow look on social media in your comfy pajamas.


Use that SWAG filter after a successful shopping spree and you’ve scored great finds!


The ANTI brow filter can be used when you just want to prank people on a boring, eventless day with a whole new look.


Have fun with the Brow Party by downloading Meitu’s MakeupPlus app on App Store and Google Play right now! Hurry! MakeupPlus app’s Brow Party is now available and please don’t miss the chance of availing it.

Lift Off Lifestyle x Make Up Plus App


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