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I’ve got something different for this blog post: a bag review! If you haven’t heard of MIO (Mio_ph ), the unique bag company with free monogramming that everyone’s starting to rave about, this is the perfect time for you to know about it. Mio has a Chloe convertible bag and a Seville passport holder; two of their newest and most in-demand products during this season. I’ve seen their classy pieces which are made of vegan leather (to promote a cruelty free environment) with a relatively inexpensive price for the quality and style. The bag shipped out quickly and was packaged nicely. Chloe Convertible bag comes with two straps: a bag strap and a wristlet strap with a zipper closure. I matched it with their Seville passport holder where you can also travel in style and in an organized manner with a free monogramming.

MIO specializes in selling designer-inspired, fashion-forward bags. They’ve got a bunch of clients online, from students to working adults and to regular customers alike, with mixed ratings overall. I, for one, am really happy with this bag! This Chloe Convertible leather bag is well made, and, since it’s made of a good quality leather, it doesn’t have any of the weird factory scent that comes with other leather bags. It’s a good size, just like a purse bag. For the Seville passport holder, it has pockets where your passport can be stored safely with more additional pockets for other important documents like tickets and boarding passes and you may include your identification cards too. It will make your trip more convenient and have your document secured when you travel because you can organize them in one holder. The bag and passport holder looks exactly as pictured in Mio’s photos.
Chloe Convertible Bag


More than anything, I love style and concept of Mio. The black and brown leather, especially, is just so elegant and unique, and it looks 100% as expected! They are so eye-catching, stylish, and literally made just for you because of your hand stamped initials on it, yet also super functional and useful at the same time.
Since the color is usual, it’s must be a challenge to make it stand out from the rest, but I’ve found that it looks great with dark and brown, and monochromatic pieces. Even though this bag has a cute size, and a dark color, the style makes it perfect even for a chic, classy look. There is honestly nothing that I don’t love about this Chloe Convertible bag and Seville Passport Holder from Mio Ph! It’s made of a high-quality leather, looks exactly like the photos, very useful, and simply gorgeous!
Thanks for reading!
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