Sophistication Potion | Emildific Jewelry

IMG_0089A Philippine-based jewelry shop which gold and silver pieces of jewelry are designed and crafted by skilled artisans is also where owner Emily Opida make dreams come true. Interestingly, I just wanna share with you how Emildific got its name.

“ Emildific is derived from the name of its founder, Emily Opida and a play on the word Imeldific, meaning extravagant. Extravagance with a touch of Emily.” 

This jewelry line is perfect in every way possible – it fosters Emily’s love for meticulous crafting and passion for art, it provides endless moments to create with the skilled jewelry makers, and making it possible for clients to really feel special with the customized pieces of jewelry Emildific makes for them! That’s exactly what I felt when I explored their online store and browsed through their catalogue. I immediately fell in love with the designs they have which is truly “extravagant”.


Chief Visionary Officer Emily’s passion for business traces back to the year 2010 when she was hands on in the meticulous crafting of bib necklaces. What started as a small gig for extra revenue eventually grew into a desire to go bigger and deeper into the jewelry industry.

There are a few things that make Emildific exemplary; working with clients one-on-one and making custom pieces from a very personable interaction are those on top of the list. She has incorporated the artistic and fun execution of clients’ personalized jewelry needs. The designer continues to enrich her passion for art and now ventures into designing necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and wedding rings with various gemstones and diamonds set into precious metals such as silver and gold which are all then handmade with care and precision by a skilled jeweler. Custom engagement rings are a big part of what she does, especially with clients who want something local, made by hand and feel like they are a part of the creation process. Emily’s warm personality and welcoming demeanor is just what the jewelry-creating process needs, not to mention her skills and expertise.

Another large part of what Emildific does and creates is their own line of highly wearable jewelry. Items that can easily fit with your every day look, like monogram and bar necklaces, engraved, stone-set, embossed, plated, and hammered, to name a few including her latest collection of tassel earrings. These fill the shelves and cabinet cases of their online store and are ready for purchase. Her target audience is ideal for any self-purchasing men and women which highly value gift-giving ease, and those who are looking for worthy purchases. I had a little haul of them and I just loved the look of how each elegant and timeless pieces could be worn stacked with my other accessories that I already own, my casual wears and even what comprises my top-to-toe full look. With a very intuitive back-end team, they can comprehend and produce your desired pieces even when ordered online. I love this idea and I feel it shows what kind of business Emily is running: one full of gratitude, creativity and soul!

IMG_0088As you can tell, I certainly enjoyed my encounter with Ms. Emily and her team who are working behind the scenes. Luckily, you can shop all her pieces online so check out some of my favorites below:

  1. Silver and Gold-plated Copper bangle

These bracelets embody a very fashion forward yet minimalist style in you. It achieves a certain sense of simplicity but gives a certain boldness; a period to complete any fashion statement.


2. Stainless Steel Cross Pendant and Omega chain


3. Minnie Mouse Pendant and Gold chain


I hope you can finally get your perfect piece which will be personally made for you. Please check out their website and Instagram account Emildific .  Thank you for reading! Kindly let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


Love always,




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